Talking about text translation could often be misleading. In fact, it frequently happens that customers think it consists in the simple conversion of a document from one language to another. Nothing could be more wrong. In fact, to obtain a quality product, it is not possible to separate translation and localization of texts.

Let’s find out what the relationship is between these and why it is important to perform translation localization in marketing.

Translation and localization: the power of a text goes beyond words

In our recent article, we analyzed in detail what the localization of a translation is. However, let’s do a little review. Localizing a document means adapting it linguistically, semantically and culturally to the final recipient. A good localizer is therefore able to interpret the translated document, transmitting the real message contained and hidden between the lines.

To do this, those who localize a text must have in-depth knowledge of both the source environment of the document and the destination one. Very often, in fact, only by contextualizing a phrase, a saying or a thought is it possible to understand its real meaning.

Sometimes, however, some companies prefer to save budget by cutting funds for localization and subsequent proofreading. The result? A poor product, difficult to read and, above all, not very powerful from a commercial point of view.

Traduzione e localizzazione

Marketing: why translation and localization are important

As you will understand, not adequately localizing a text is an unforgivable mistake. Especially in marketing, where messages are often conveyed by allusive phrases, wordplay or concepts linked to the common imagination, failing to adapt content to an “audience” means jeopardizing the good result of an advertising campaign or collaboration. In extreme cases, you can even risk a real cultural misunderstanding! Similarly, not being able to correctly translate a medical or legal text could create serious consequences. Knowing how to use the right words and understand the technical or bureaucratic differences between one country and another is not trivial.

This is why professionally localizing a translation is so important. Without painstaking linguistic adaptation, a company or professional will end up losing huge capital and trust from the market. If, for example, a lead receives a newsletter that is poorly translated and unsuitable for their cultural context, what do you think they will do? They tend to take neither the content nor the sender of the message seriously. So what can we do to avoid falling into oblivion?

LingoYou: the agency that helps your business

Mechanically translating a text, you will have understood, is not enough to obtain conversions and profit. In fact, without an adequate interpretation of the content, you will only end up wasting time, money and consensus. For this reason, localizing a translation and then proofreading it is crucial.

If you are looking for an agency capable of performing flawless text translation and localization, LingoYou is here to help. Thanks to our many years of experience, in fact, we put only the best translators and interpreters at your service. Our collaborators are able to make your message usable and suitable for any target context. All without distorting or weakening the original meaning of your text.

Thanks to specific marketing and communication skills, we are able to offer commercial, promotional or advertising localization services. We not only deal with text localization, but also with websites, apps and software. A truly 360° package, which will allow you to speak effectively to an international audience. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and you’ll see, together we will achieve great new results.

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