In a fast-moving world with a fast pace of life, digitalization has also changed the way we teach and learn. To the traditional way of studying a language through a face-to-face lesson, methods and tools such as online language learning have been added.

LingoYou has made its own the possibilities offered by technology to provide online language courses suitable for everyone and at every starting level.

LingoYou Academy’s basic and advanced courses

The first thing to underline when we talk about language courses is that to follow an online course you need to have motivation, consistency and organisation. These are the three qualities that allow us to get the most out of an online course. Through an online course you have the opportunity to organize your time as you wish. You can set your study time as you prefer, without having predetermined days and times. This is a great advantage, especially when your life is very busy and you have no fixed schedule, as it will prevent you from skipping classes and losing money by not going.

Added to the flexibility of timetables is the possibility of studying from anywhere, avoiding having to move from one place to another. The time you earn can be invested in more study time or more free time for yourself.

When we learn something new, each person learns at a different pace and we will need more or less time to understand something specific.

LingoYou’s online language courses allow you to study at your own pace, spending more time on what you find most difficult to understand and going faster where you feel you already have solid knowledge. You decide the pace you want to take.

LingoYou Academy group courses

LingoYou group courses represent an economical, fun and intelligent solution for approaching the study of languages ​​or other school subjects. One of the most evident strengths is related to the plurality of visions, i.e. the presence of different perspectives. This becomes more relevant in those tasks where it is necessary to contrast different points of view or in creative work. Many times we get stuck in a problem or an exercise because we are used to approaching them in a certain way, according to a certain logic. At that point, a differentiated vision can be decisive in offering help and showing a new way to arrive at the solution. This is one of the main advantages of studying in a group; if there are 2 or more people.

Studying in a group, even online, also helps fight procrastination and can positively influence our motivation. Group work or study can also act as a simulation, as preparation for the real dynamics of the professional and business world. This way, you can develop skills in relating to others, respecting their points of view and offering your own opinions too.

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