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LingoYou is the translation agency in Milan best suited to companies aiming for the future.

Anyone who wants to become part of the international market must be able to count on a team of expert translators, capable of conveying the company’s message in the right way.

If your plan is to expand, your best ally is someone who knows the needs and expectations of the public.

Milan is a city rich in history and possibilities. It is the city of the future, the city of fashion and business marketing, the city that knows how to listen to people’s needs.

Our translation agency in Milan is able to provide you with translation services for all the most important sectors of the city of Milan.

We are used to working in Lombardy and we know the market trend, we know which are the strengths that are important to focus on during translation.

Translations for every sector

LingoYou translators specialize in translating documents arriving from different sectors.

Our customers have the possibility to choose between many different types, which adapt to their specific needs.

Below, a preview of LingoYou’s offer and the sectors we commonly deal with – to which we are particularly attached.



  • Translations for the fashion sector
    From advertising campaigns to product descriptions, everything a company operating in fashion needs to grow in the international market. 
  • Translations of advertising material
    Marketing is one of the greatest strengths of companies working in Milan. LingoYou, our translation agency in Milan, is able to offer you fast services in line with expectations.
  • Translations for the financial sector
    Dalla traduzione dei tassi di esercizio fino ai documenti più complessi della finanza, i nostri traduttori sono a disposizione per semplificare il vostro lavoro. 

To these three macro-areas, several other sectors are added, which you can find listed on our website.

The potential of LingoYou is much more than expected, as is the number of advantages you could gain from using our translation agency.

But let’s look at them in more detail, find out why you should choose us and what are the benefits we offer.

Why choose LingoYou

The experience of our translation agency ensures maximum respect for each of your requests.

Each document is analyzed in detail, translated with the help of real experts, who know the differences in translation between one language and another.

We only rely on professional, native speaker translators who have already demonstrated their knowledge of the language and have all the potential to accompany you on your journey.

Equipped with specific certifications, LingoYou translators can also deal with official documents, which require years of experience in the sector.

In addition, we offer you a dedicated account manager, a person who deals exclusively with you and the translations you have requested.

In this way, we are able to offer you a personalized and out of the ordinary service, aimed precisely at customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to accompany you step by step, until you have achieved your goal.

Translation can turn into a very powerful weapon if used in the right way, and we are here to show you how.

Choose the best traditional agency in Milan, choose LingoYou!



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