To build something great you need to start from the spirit, from love towards others and towards the future

Also this year, LingoYou joins the list of companies that collaborate and work together with Save The Children. Social commitment is one of the greatest distinctive points of our translation company, specialized in a professional and punctual service.

Collaboration and participation are fundamental in a delicate historical period like the one we are experiencing. The very famous phrase “unity is strength” finds its maximum expression here.

The commitment of the LingoYou team combines with the strength and power of Save The Children, demonstrating a human approach towards work and life in general.

Our goal is to transform the holiday season into a moment of sharing, where we can express and celebrate the victories of the year that is about to end.



In this 2021, the commitment together with Save The Children deserves to be told, just as the work of the collaborators deserves to be celebrated.

Maximum transparency in what we do every year helps us provide customers with a more honest and truthful service. Knowing the ethics of a company is now as important as knowing its professionalism.

We hope that this small contribution can really make a difference in everyday life, teaching others the importance of collaboration.

Building a better future is possible, you just need to really want it.



LingoYou Marketing Team

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