Serious companies invest in the language training of their employees, to guarantee themselves an essential advantage over their competitors. The use of specific language training courses for companies allows them to demand and obtain a training course for their employees that is tailor-made, achievable and above all measurable with respect to the achievement of objectives.

The basic phases of a quality language training project are, in principle, the definition of the objectives (tailored to the level of the students and the company objectives), the evaluation of the specific needs of the workforce who will attend the courses ( level of knowledge of languages ​​and learning potential in relation to age and time available), the management of the project through dedicated account managers, the evaluation of results through planned checks that meet the pre-established objectives. Any professional language training project that does not move through at least these phases does not guarantee quality standards.

Definition of objectives

Whether it’s a Spanish, Chinese, or English course, learning a new language has many benefits for a company’s employees. However, this training should also benefit the company itself. For this to happen, it is important to set objectives and it is necessary that the language school is committed to ensuring that these are achieved by its students. This requires:

personalized and realistic design

monitoring student progress

periodic assessments

There is a wide range of programs available for your organization. By identifying your company’s goal, you can begin to narrow down your choices and find the best fit for your employees. Try to throw away the one-size-fits-all model and look for a school that can offer a personalized learning path to each student through high-quality training with specialized instructors.

An effective language learning program must draw on students’ previous experiences and make them think about applying their new language skills. For example, online learning offers flexibility, a wide choice of tutors, the opportunity for a personalized journey and a safe environment where students can make their own mistakes and learn from them.

Consider employee needs

It is essential to think about the needs of the employees who will attend the online language courses. The more convinced and satisfied your employees are with their choice to attend a course, the more likely they are to be successful. Therefore, it is in everyone’s interest to consider factors such as teaching flexibility, teaching style, additional features, design and ease of use of the course.

Flexibility is more important for some companies than others. You will find that some language course providers offer more comprehensive flexible options than others. Before making a decision, you’ll want to consider precisely how much flexibility your company needs, how much time you have to complete the course, how many staff members can access the lessons, how much control employees can have over their own training, and how many levels of training are available.

Evaluation of results

The best language courses for companies dedicate great importance to the constant evaluation of language skills, starting from the evaluation grids provided by the Common European Framework (before the start of the course) and then on a monthly and annual basis. They also have sophisticated digital platforms that allow you to conveniently monitor the progress at every stage of the process in just a few clicks. Assessments should be personalized and calibrated for each student, taking into account the uniqueness of each one, and the related metrics should also be linked to the business results you want to achieve.

Language training for companies: rely on LingoYou Academy courses

Language training done well offers an important competitive advantage to companies that want to increase their turnover internationally. It provides better communication and understanding between employees, employers and customers, thus increasing work performance.

LingoYou Academy ( allows employers to continuously measure their employees’ progress through tests and other language skill assessments, as well as monitor employee participation. It also hosts hundreds of student resources: discussion questions, self-study exercises, learning plans for different proficiency levels, custom vocabulary flashcards, and grammar activities.

LingoYou Academy offers its students maximum flexibility as they can schedule sessions at any time and from anywhere. Choose the option that best suits you between individual, semi-individual and group lessons.

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