In the Italian educational landscape, 2023 brought with it unique challenges for students. The increasing complexity of school curricula and the need to adapt to new ways of learning have led many young people to seek extra help to tackle the most challenging subjects. In this article, we will explore the subjects for which Italian students needed the most tutoring in 2023 and the crucial role of school support courses offered by LingoYou Academy.

School support courses: a key resource for Italian students

Education is the foundation of every individual’s success, but often the complexities of the school world can be an insurmountable challenge for some students. The pressure to get good grades, the breadth of curricula, and individual learning differences can make it difficult for students to keep up with school subjects. This is where school support courses come in, and LingoYou Academy is a leader in this area.

LingoYou Academy is a landmark institution in professional education dedicated to providing high-quality school support courses to students of all ages and skill levels. Their focused approach to learning aims to identify students’ individual gaps and fill them with the assistance of experienced teachers. LingoYou Academy offers a wide range of courses and services: language courses, language certifications, remedial courses, school repetitions, university exam preparation, Italian courses for foreigners, business courses, translation and interpreting services.

The most difficult subjects for dli Italian students in 2023

Every year, some subjects stand out because of their complexity and the need for additional assistance from students. In 2023, the subjects that presented the most significant challenges for Italian students include math, physics, chemistry, and foreign languages such as English.

1. Mathematics: Mathematics remains one of the most feared subjects among students. New teaching methodologies and the increasing use of technology have created a learning gap, and many students have sought out support courses to address this challenge.

2. Physics and Chemistry: Exact sciences such as physics and chemistry require a thorough understanding of concepts and formulas. Students often seek school repetitions to consolidate their knowledge in these subjects.

3. Foreign Languages: Foreign language learning has become a crucial aspect of education. English, in particular, is a language in demand in many situations, from academic to professional settings. As a result, many students seek supportive courses to improve their language skills.

LingoYou Academy and school repetition courses

LingoYou Academy is aware of the challenges Italian students face in pursuing academic success and has committed to providing targeted school repetition courses to help students overcome these difficulties.

School support courses for math

LingoYou Academy’s math courses are designed to cover a wide range of levels, from high school to high school level. Experienced teachers guide students through key concepts and provide hands-on exercises to reinforce their understanding. With online lessons and individualized support, students can approach math with greater confidence.

School repetitions for physics and chemistry

Physics and chemistry can be challenging subjects, but LingoYou Academy offers school repetition courses that simplify understanding of these complex topics. Students can gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and apply them effectively through interactive lessons and teaching resources.

Improve language skills with supportive courses

English is a fundamental language in an increasingly globalized world. The English support courses offered by LingoYou Academy help students develop the language skills they need to succeed in both exams and everyday life. With access to native tutors and high-quality learning materials, students can quickly improve their language skills.


2023 has been a year of challenges and opportunities for Italian students, and academic success is often the result of a combination of personal commitment and supportive resources. In this context, the academic support courses offered by LingoYou Academy have proven to be a key ally for students seeking improvement in the most challenging subjects.

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