Improve your pronunciation with the LingoYou Academy language school, the best help for your studies


A language school is the perfect place to learn how to get involved. Surrounded by expert teachers and students who want to improve, you are led to give your best.

Our school aims to help you develop as many skills as possible. We want to make you aware of your abilities, helping you enter the world of work with your head held high.

At the moment, foreign languages ​​play a fundamental role in defining workers’ profiles. The more languages ​​you know, the more fluently you speak English, French or German, the more you attract the examiners’ attention.
Knowing another language allows you to relate better to others, building stable and long-lasting relationships.

You will be able to travel without the anxiety of not knowing how to communicate, make new friends and meet people who belong to a completely different culture.

All this, thanks to LingoYou Academy, the language school you didn’t know you needed.


LingoYou Academy innovation

LingoYou was born as a translation agency, a quick and professional service for deciphering your documents. The desire for knowledge and the passion we have towards foreign languages ​​then led us to open LingoYou Academy, a language school full of courses and updates.

We help you know 10 different languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

Our courses are individual, semi-individual or collective, based on what you prefer. Our main goal is to make you feel completely at ease, giving you the opportunity to express yourself with confidence and tranquility.

scuola di lingue

We have over 100 native speaking teachers, industry experts who are dedicated specifically to your education. The individual paths differ for each student, based on their previous knowledge and their needs.

One of our main strengths is personalization, the ability to build unique paths for each member of the class. Find out more about individual courses by visiting the dedicated page! You will find all the information and associated rates.


The language school you were waiting for

LingoYou Academy is the language school you were waiting for and didn’t know you wanted: modern, simple and customizable.

We only rely on industry experts, who know the difficulty of learning a new language and help you in the right way. You can improve your English level, test your knowledge of the French language, even learn more about Japanese culture.

Travel, work and friendships will be positively affected, as will your self-esteem.

You will feel more confident in your abilities, more experienced and more competent. You will be able to engage in a conversation without fear of making mistakes, and even write easily in another language.

The advice is to test LingoYou services, so as to directly experience the advantages. Growing and improving is possible and easier than expected, you just need to really want it.




LingoYou Academy Marketing Team

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