Reference is often made to the importance of learning a foreign language for study purposes or moving abroad, but too little mention is made of the need for Italian companies to internalize the knowledge of a foreign language to open up to new markets, conduct negotiations international, find new customers and new business partners.

Italy is full of small and medium-sized companies that need to interface with interlocutors beyond national borders and are therefore looking for professional figures capable of opening new doors for them, acting as glue between the Italian market and the foreign market .

LingoYou Academy courses for companies in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Knowledge of languages is a fundamental element in the training area of Italian companies and institutions. The intensification of international contacts in all social and professional activities means that both training or human resources managers and individuals need practical, effective and definitive solutions when focusing their training programs on languages.

LingoYou Academy language courses can focus on technical, commercial or legal language, depending on the company’s interests and are delivered individually, in groups or semi-individually, guaranteeing you the maximum degree of flexibility and customisation.

How it works: the steps of the personalized service for companies

First, a language audit will be carried out, analyzing and studying all the data provided by the company to determine language needs. Subsequently, an individual level test will be carried out to ascertain the knowledge of each participant. Once these two phases have been completed, homogeneous study groups will be formed.

If many of your employees are interested in enrolling in open group courses, contact us so that we can offer you the best service at the best price.

The material used in the company programs will be determined according to the needs of each of the groups, always according to our methodology.

All our teachers are professionals, native speakers, highly qualified and with extensive teaching experience.

At the end of the courses, a final certificate and a report will be issued which will specify all the knowledge acquired, as well as an assessment of each person’s aptitude. A diploma will be awarded indicating the number of hours of lessons received and the level achieved.

English courses

At LingoYou Academy we have the best training solutions in English: personalized study plans and an innovative teaching method, online and offline, which features the most advanced course management and administration tools, to guarantee results and the best ROI for the your investment.

Innovation and technology, combined with the experience of the consultants and the quality of our professors, make LingoYou Academy’s courses in English the point of reference in the sector. The right choice to invest in what will perhaps be the most important skill for the professional development of your employees and the success of your teams.

Corsi di spagnolo

LingoYou Academy’s Spanish courses are aimed at professionals in the finance, business and business sectors, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students in these or related subjects.

The LingoYou Academy team will carry out an in-depth study of the student’s specific learning profile, through the analysis of needs and the diagnosis of their linguistic level. In this way, the teaching program will be adapted as much as possible to your interests and priorities and a tailor-made program will be created focusing on aspects such as: banking and finance, business management and administration, corporate culture and communication, foreign trade, law economic, commercial or marketing, corporate image and business communication.

We are committed to ensuring that Spanish becomes an effective tool for business negotiation and communication for qualified professionals. All this is achieved through:

  • Personalized attention to each student and adaptation of the course to each group.
  • The real participation of students in entrepreneurial activities accompanied by a professional in the sector.
  • In-depth analysis of specific aspects of the world of finance and business.
  • The approach to the reality of the entrepreneurial and commercial world in the Spanish-speaking world.

Portuguese courses

Portuguese is the fifth most spoken language in the world, officially used by 200 million people, not only in Portugal but also in other countries around the world. As a result, there has been a simultaneous development of its importance, as well as the demand for courses in its teaching.
LingoYou Academy’s Portuguese courses are aimed at any person who, for professional, social, academic or other reasons, wishes to obtain the highest level in a limited period of time.

Our communication method develops linguistic confidence and the ability to deal with functional situations of immediate practical application. The program responds to the specific objectives defined by the students, through the simulation, in the classroom or remotely, of their professional and social activities.

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