Improve your employees’ familiarity with foreign languages, both to respond to a simple email and to communicate by telephone or via video conference with a customer, a supplier or a colleague from a foreign office.

One of the main characteristics that differentiate one worker from another is the knowledge and mastery of a foreign language. In an increasingly globalized world and with a greater movement of people looking for work outside their own country, knowing a foreign language gives us an element of differentiation compared to our competitors which can help us get the job we want.

Knowledge of a foreign language, considering the strong demand for workers with linguistic skills, not only opens the doors for us to work outside Italy, but is also useful for finding a better job in our country, both within the company so we already work than in another where we dream of doing so.

Why bilingual workers are so in demand

Why are companies so desperately looking for workers who can speak two or more languages? Simple, because they can’t find any. In Italy alone, in fact, it is estimated that 6 out of 10 workers are unable to communicate, even in a basic way, in a language other than that of their country of birth.

The reasons behind this gap between supply and demand on the language skills market are difficult to extrapolate. Without a doubt, it has something to do with the school system which, over the decades, has proven inadequate in teaching foreign languages to Italian students, thus encouraging the birth of private institutions ready to take their place.

But the school cannot be solely responsible for gaps of this magnitude, especially in the current era, in which the linguistic training offer becomes wider and more varied every day.

English and the other most requested languages at work

As we all know, the language of international business par excellence is English. Anywhere in the world, for business or for life, mastering English opens many doors for us. Also in Italy. With a globalized market, Italian companies look abroad and are in daily contact with foreign companies. This means that you need skilled workers who can communicate with them and not miss out on business opportunities.

English is the preferred communication vehicle in many companies and professional sectors. In the field of international advertising it is essential to master the language of Shakespeare.

But English is not the only language used in international relations between companies. If you are an engineer, a very relevant language is German. As an economic and industrial power, Germany requires a large number of engineers to continue its development. Furthermore, their companies are present all over the world.

When we talk about business languages, we are not just referring to the languages most requested by companies. Let’s talk about what is most necessary when it comes to being in the job market on a daily basis. And this concept goes far beyond the level we indicate in our CV.

How to learn a language for a specific career

To learn a language there are two fundamental premises that must be met: being motivated and determined to learn it. It’s important to immerse yourself and get into the language you want to learn from the first moment. Think and speak whenever you can in that language. Better if with a native speaker.

It is important that you specialize in your field. Today, many language and career-specific courses are offered. For example, if you are a publicist, you might want to take an English course for creatives. Therefore, you will gain more skills and knowledge.

You can also take advantage of new technologies and the facilities they offer to learn a new language. Enjoy your favorite series or movies in the original version or explore the multiple mobile applications for existing languages.

Broaden your working horizons with LingoYou Academy

A wide offering of courses, apps and learning tools in itself does not guarantee good results. Quantity is not synonymous with quality. Learning a foreign language is a tortuous journey, a mix of skill and motivation. Without the right guide, the risk of losing the way is real, almost inevitable. If those who teach you have no idea what they are doing, but simply copy and paste methods used by others, failure becomes a matter of time.

At LingoYou Academy we not only understand the importance of languages, but we have the experience and skills to teach them. Every student is different and it is from this assumption that we work, so as to offer you the best solution for you and help you achieve the result in the fastest, most effective and fun way possible. Achieve your goals and boost your personal and professional future with LingoYou Academy language courses.

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