In today’s globalized world, mastering foreign languages has become a key skill, both for personal and professional success. LingoYou Academy is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to improve their language skills, prepare for internationally recognized language certifications, and open themselves up to new career opportunities.

In this article, we will explore LingoYou Academy’s services, including language courses (you will have a choice of 10 different languages) and preparation for language certifications. LingoYou Academy also offers school repetition services for primary and secondary school pupils (first and second grade) and preparation courses for university exams or dissertation writing help.

Language Courses: An Open Door to the World

LingoYou Academy offers a wide range of language courses designed to meet the diverse needs of students and professionals. Whether you are looking to learn a new language for travel, to improve your job prospects, or simply for the pleasure of it, you will find courses to suit your needs.

Languages offered in our courses include English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and many others. Our courses cover all levels, from basic to advanced, and are taught by highly qualified teachers. You will learn in an interactive and motivating environment, enabling you to acquire language skills in an effective and fun way. Courses are divided into:

  • Individual: you will have the opportunity to be paired on a totally personalized course
    and adapted to achieve your goals;
  • Semi-individual: combines the possibility of a personalized course with the advantage of being in
    a small group of friends and/or colleagues;
  • Collective/Group: an economical alternative that groups students of the same level.

English Courses: Your Partner for Global Success

English is the ultimate global language and is essential for anyone who aspires to an international career or wants access to a wide variety of cultural and business resources. LingoYou Academy offers English courses that go beyond simply learning the language and focus on effective communication in real-world situations. Through our short test we could figure out the solution that best suits your needs.

Preparation for Language Certifications: Accelerate Your Career

Language certifications are a passport to global job opportunities and recognition of language skills. LingoYou Academy is a reliable partner in your preparation for a range of prestigious language certifications.

Language certifications we offer preparation for include:

  • Cambridge English: From Starters to Proficiency, prepare for the renowned Cambridge exams with our dedicated support.
  • TOEFL and IELTS: Preparation for English language exams required for entry into international universities and academic institutions.
  • Trinity College London: Preparation for Trinity exams, which are widely accepted worldwide.
  • DELE, DELF, CELI: Preparation for Spanish, French and Italian exams to demonstrate your proficiency in the languages.
  • Customization: If you need to prepare for a different certification, we can tailor a course to your specific needs.

All you will need to do is take the language courses at our school, and after the course we will be the ones to contact the exam venues for students to take the exam.

Main Features of LingoYou Academy

  • Highly Qualified Teachers: Our teachers are native speakers with experience in language teaching and preparation for language certifications.
  • Personalized Courses: We know that every student is different. Our courses are customized to meet your specific needs and learning goals.
  • Interactive Learning Environments: We use modern, interactive teaching techniques to make learning fun and effective.
  • Exam Preparation: We offer courses specifically for certification exam preparation, with mock exams and intensive practice.
  • Flexibility: We understand that life can be busy. We offer flexible schedules to fit your busy schedule.
  • Constant Support: Our team is always available to answer your questions and provide assistance during your learning journey

B2C and B2B: Our Offer for You

Whether you are a student eager to acquire new language skills or a professional looking to improve your career prospects, LingoYou Academy is here for you. We offer solutions for both individuals and companies, including packages tailored to the training needs of businesses.

For small business owners and professionals, our goal is to help you gain a competitive edge in the international marketplace by improving your language skills. For businesses, we offer tailored training programs to improve business communication and operational efficiency globally.

With LingoYou Academy, language success is within your reach. Discover our language courses, English courses and preparation for language certifications and embark on your journey to a world of opportunities.


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