Students in the last stages of their language studies are often faced with the choice of whether to obtain the qualification and an international linguistic certification before taking their first steps abroad, or whether to obtain the qualification in Italy and move abroad. and therefore improve the language and take the international certification during the stay in the foreign country.

The option of obtaining the international certification at the same time as the qualification and then having it in your pocket and being able to spend it once you move abroad is increasingly within reach thanks to language training companies such as LingoYou Academy.

The importance of international language certifications for students

The best and most prestigious universities abroad provide courses in English, so as to encourage the enrollment of international students.

If you wish to study at one of these universities, you will certainly be asked for an English language certificate, which proves that you have sufficient knowledge to participate in lectures, understand textbooks and take exams.

To pass an English test and get your language certificate, you need to invest time and effort, depending on your current level of English. That’s why you should start preparing and practicing as soon as possible. It is also advisable to take the English exam early, so as not to miss university application deadlines.

What is your level of knowledge of the language?

The CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), the international standard for language skills, identifies different levels of linguistic competence. In ascending order, from lowest to highest level, we find:

  • A1: absolute beginner.
  • A2: principle
  • B1: intermediate
  • B2: upper intermediate
  • C1: advanced
  • C2: upper advanced (full command of the language)

Most international universities usually require a B level to enroll and attend classes, although some specific degree programs may require a higher level.

Inform yourself well before training, to know exactly which certification to obtain and with what score. Generally this type of information can be easily consulted on the websites of the universities themselves.

Obtain an international certification with LingoYou Academy language courses

If you want to learn a foreign language and obtain an international certification for study or work reasons, on LingoYou Academy you will find a wealth of resources and well-structured online courses to obtain the skills you need.

A language learning course taught by a qualified teacher is the best way to learn a language and achieve results quickly. A course managed by an expert teacher guarantees you a structured learning path, so that you can effortlessly overcome the difficulties posed by studying a second language. Rather than surfing (and getting lost) in the sea of ​​the internet, follow a personalized path, tailored to your specific needs.

Study wherever you want with LingoYou Academy: international level certifications in every language, for every need

LingoYou Academy offers courses in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, among others. If you wish to study at a foreign university, with us you can obtain all the most requested English certifications, including ESOL CAMBRIDGE, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and TRINITY. In short, wherever you want to study, we can help you overcome language barriers.

But there is much more. LingoYou Academy is the most complete online language school there is. We help you obtain only the most useful and most requested certifications abroad, in any language, for universities in every country. For example, if you wish to move to study or work in Japan, thanks to our ad hoc courses, you will be able to obtain the JLPT, an international level certification that will allow you to achieve your dream. Discover our training offer.

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