Learning foreign languages and, in general, studying while working are not easy things to manage. Work implies dedication and commitment, studying a foreign language brings with it elements such as tiredness, frustration and tension due to selections or evaluations.

What solutions can companies adopt to break down language barriers in the workplace and help their collaborators improve their knowledge of foreign languages without this becoming a further element of stress?

Provide language courses

A language “survival” course is an excellent way to teach non-native speakers some basic linguistic requirements to move with ease in the company’s reference sector.

If you work in a highly technical environment, like a SaaS company, include a crash course in your go-to jargon in your employee curriculum. The goal is to promote effective collaboration and communication between all departments of your company: the sales team must understand the details of any product they are selling; the marketing team needs to understand why their products are important; the technical department must be able to communicate project details to the sales team in the simplest and most understandable way possible.

A corporate language course is not something to take lightly. Without the support of experienced professionals in organizing corporate language courses, you only risk wasting time and money. Take a look at the LingoYou Academy training offer. Find out how we structure our courses to help your employees achieve concrete linguistic results quickly, conveniently and without stress.

Show, don’t tell

Words often fail us and, when this happens, showing can be much more effective than telling. Use pictures or diagrams to explain complicated concepts. Visual cues are invaluable for putting everyone on the same page.

Creating a database of company resources can help your team independently seek out more information on topics they don’t understand. If your written communications occur primarily through email or messaging apps, get into the habit of attaching these resources to better explain company initiatives and answer common questions.

Likewise, visual elements such as PowerPoint presentations or handouts can help non-native speakers intuitively understand the content of a document. If your employees need to improve their language skills, promote the creation of interactive, highly visual documents and support materials in that language in the workplace to help them practice every day, without real conscious effort.

Research has found that this approach works. In a study it emerged that images help students memorize new vocabulary and understand grammar intuitively, without long explanations. At the same time, this form of learning has been shown to make students more motivated and more confident when it comes to expressing themselves in a foreign language.

Use simple language

Some companies invest time and money in developing a corporate language. When a niche language is used in corporate communications, it risks raising barriers in the workplace and hindering internal collaboration. Using jargon or specialized, sophisticated vocabulary only sets the stage for communication problems and makes people feel bad if they can’t understand what you’re saying. It’s crucial to create a workplace culture where you speak simply and explain all issues as directly as possible.

Overcome language barriers in the workplace with LingoYou Academy

Language barriers can be a challenge, but if your company operates in the global market you will need your employees to overcome it. Learning a language in the workplace is easy, with the right strategies.

Keep pace with innovation, don’t let language barriers hinder your business. Try LingoYou Academy’s corporate language courses.

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