Are you looking for language courses in Sicily? Specifically English courses in Sicily? Or French? Do you need help getting a language certification? Does the university abroad require you to have a specific level to be able to spend the semester abroad? Or is your company promoting business abroad and you want to practice a particular foreign language?

The reasons can be various. For LingoYou Academy the important thing is to ensure that each client follows the path and obtains the desired results.

The LingoYou Academy professional training institute believes deeply in the teaching, instruction, practice and knowledge of foreign languages.

Since ancient times, knowledge has been considered a source of power and openness. Knowing another language almost necessarily implies having to come into contact with the related culture, tradition and society. Knowing these aspects triggers a mechanism by which the individual does not stop at a passive and “marginal” knowledge, but rather a more comprehensive, empathetic, proactive and inclusive one.

Knowledge is, according to some scholars, also a source of well-being. Knowing is good. Speaking two or more languages helps with cognitive and communication skills during childhood, and helps your brain stay healthy as you get older. According to recent investigations, the true bilingual – that is, those who regularly speak two or more languages (multilingualism) – has far greater benefits than the bilingual who limits himself to using only one language in a certain environment.

Based on this, LingoYou Academy provides all the tools and means that can support all aspiring “bilingual” or students of all ages who need a “sprint“.

The operational base of LingoYou Academy is in the warm land of the Sicilian region. The school was born with the intention of providing its customers with the possibility of giving an address, a safe place, a fortress on which to rely.

The institute offers all the necessary comforts, while respecting the environment and the regulations in place for the health emergency. The most advanced installations and technologies have been chosen with a view to offering a service that meets expectations and is suitable for international standards. In this institute, a meeting and reference point for hundreds of students, it is possible to take in-person language courses.

LingoYou Academy has been offering language courses and language tutoring in Sicily for more than 10 years. Its mission is to help every student to unleash their potential, to know their value and to increase their skills.

The advantage of private lessons or in-person language tutoring coincides with the opportunity to receive support in speeding up the learning of a specific subject or language.

We have developed training and repetition lessons, courses with different structures and intensities, so as to be able to satisfy requests and needs of all kinds. The benefits of individual courses are the possibility of a private lesson entirely focused on individual needs and characterized by constant face-to-face contact with the teacher. For example, Italian courses for foreigners is one of the language courses that most prefers the individual course structure. Group courses, on the other hand, are suitable for those who want and are ready for lessons focused on discussion, dialogue and collaboration.

The spaces are designed and structured so as to be able to organize an intense and rich program of courses in an effective and pragmatic way, without anyone being excluded or limited. LingoYou Academy boasts a rich network of qualified, native-speaking teachers, to the point of being able to hold courses in English, French, German and many other languages, both in person and online.

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