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In an increasingly cosmopolitan and globalized world, it is essential to be able to communicate with people of every nation. For this reason, more and more companies or organizations are looking for professionals with one or more language certifications.

Knowing more than one language, in fact, is now almost obligatory. In many fields, from school to work, it is required to interact with foreign people in person or via the web. Furthermore, some sectors favor the use of a specific technical language, such as English or German. For example, if you want to start a profession on the web, you will most likely find yourself reading and writing English-speaking content.

It therefore does not matter which qualification or professional qualification you have already achieved. In fact, more and more often you will be asked for an official language certification and it is therefore essential to obtain it as soon as possible.

Language certifications: why it is important to have them

As we mentioned, obtaining a language certification is important both academically and professionally speaking. Whatever your age, considering attending dedicated courses will always be a useful and profitable investment.

If you are very young, for example, it will be useful (if not even essential) for you to have a language certification to access certain degree courses. Especially if you aim to enroll in a foreign university, having a certain language level will be a mandatory entry requirement! Furthermore, in some universities, having a linguistic certification can award additional credits and exempt students (in whole or in part) from the scheduled foreign language test. Finally, some universities explicitly require external linguistic certification to access the degree discussion.

If you have already finished your studies, however, in order to participate in some public competitions or apply for specific positions, you will be required to have a good level of linguistic knowledge. English, German, Chinese…There are many business languages ​​today and knowing at least one will make you gain greater value in the eyes of recruiters.


Knowing and obtaining a language certification, therefore, will give a boost to your CV. It will also offer you the possibility of accessing specific positions or, simply, more profitable ones than others.


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LingoYou Academy: la nostra offerta

At LingoYou, for over ten years, we have successfully dedicated ourselves to teaching and training our members. In addition to standard language courses, in fact, we offer the opportunity to choose specific and targeted courses, tailored to our students. Thanks to many years of experience in the field and the skills acquired over time, our team of experts is able to respond to any type of request.

In fact, we offer a quality service with language courses tailored for all ages. You will be able to choose from 10 languages, taught according to innovative teaching methodologies. Our team, in fact, is made up of over 100 professional native speaking teachers, available both on site and remotely. Our Academy offers 5 classrooms capable of accommodating up to 100 people each. The service offered is of high quality, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technical equipment.

Our courses are open to both users looking for basic and advanced linguistic certification, according to individual, semi-individual or collective paths, perfect for all ages. If you are looking to obtain a certification recognized by your Institute or Atheist, LingoYou is able to offer you a complete service, suited to your needs and commitments.

If, however, you are an adult looking for a new job or to improve your current position, a new language certification can certainly give you concrete help. Certifications, in fact, can and must be included in your curriculum vitae. Thanks to LingoYou your goals will no longer seem so unattainable!

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