What is your level of knowledge of foreign languages?

Approaching a new language means finding the courage to go beyond your limits.

Knowing a foreign language, learning to understand and speak it, can become a great personal challenge.

The truth is that we are forced to get involved, forced to exploit the power of memory and personal logic.

When we decide to learn a new language, we need strong motivation and a strong desire for growth.

Languages ​​can be extremely useful, both on a personal and work level, you just need to know how to use them in the right way.

You always start by evaluating your starting level, so you can move in the right direction.

How to test your knowledge of foreign languages

The best way to test your knowledge of a foreign language is to evaluate your level of:

  • comprensione
  • listen
  • pronounce
  • grammar

These four elements help you clarify your ideas and understand where you are at. On the Internet, there are many different tests, created specifically to evaluate your level of knowledge.

Anyone who decides to test their English level can rely on one of these tests, checking that all four elements listed above are present.

The same thing also applies to those who want to test their knowledge of French, or to those who want to test their language skills in German.

On LingoYou Academy, you will find specific courses for over 10 different foreign languages, created specifically to allow you to improve and grow day after day.

conoscenza lingue straniere

Courses to learn how to improve

By taking advantage of the LingoYou Academy service, you can experience a series of courses to improve your knowledge of foreign languages.

You will have the opportunity to study together with native speaking teachers, ready to answer any doubts or concerns. Over the years, LingoYou Academy courses have helped many students test the level of their English, so as to identify their main strengths.

Along with English courses, you will also find French courses, German courses, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian (for foreigners), Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. You can choose what best suits your needs and curiosities, letting yourself be completely carried away.

Learning a new language can be extremely fun, especially when you’re really willing to put yourself out there.

By starting with LingoYou Academy, your foreign language knowledge will increase in a short time. Our goal is to provide you with an above-average, personalized and fun service.

Each lesson will have its importance, and you can ensure that you have assimilated each concept.


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