Certified translations are the passe-partout required for all those cases in which you need to validate your entry abroad, upon delivery of official translations of documents.

For years now we have been witnessing the migratory flow of young people and adults towards foreign countries. Since globalization and internationalization has involved more and more states, it has been consequential to witness an increase in the offer of cultural exchange training experiences and work opportunities.

The “Italians in the world 2020” report of the fifteenth edition – presented last October by the Migrantes Foundation – denoted an increase of +76.6% in Italian mobility abroad between 2006 and 2020. An increase on par with that recorded in the post-World War II period. The painting immortalizes a socio-statistical analysis of the migratory trends that have emerged over the last fifteen years. Compared to 2006, the number of graduates or doctorates – also in possession of a diploma – who went abroad in search of “generic” jobs increased by +292.5%. The elusive phenomenon of “brain drain” has also accompanied the phenomena of the “welfare migrant” or the “rebound migrant”.

The famous “Pillars of Hercules” are no longer so hidden and insurmountable. Curiosity for the unknown pushes more and more people to travel and move to foreign cities, for a fixed or indefinite period, for work reasons. However, going to a country other than the one you come from involves a series of measures and precautions to be managed in advance.

The aforementioned statistical report examined documents from the AIRE (Registry of Italians Resident Abroad). So much so that when moving abroad, many countries may require official translations of certain documents, from identity cards to passports.

Doing an automatic or self-taught translation, or entrusting it to a native speaker or acquaintances who speak the target language, is not enough. Often the documents in question are official documents, which make use of more specific and technical terminology.

It goes without saying that in order to transpose an official document on financial or commercial matters, only in-depth expertise and specialization in the subject can save you from bureaucratic quibbles or legal repercussions. Therefore, fortunately for you, LingoYou, as a translation and interpreting agency, can come to your aid.

Translation does not always require certification of legal validity. This naturally also depends on the very nature of the original document, as well as its intended use and the country itself.

As a general rule, English-speaking countries accept certified translations for documents such as birth certificates and university diplomas. In this specific case, it will be sufficient to give the original to the translator, describing its purpose and final destination. In just a few days, it will return the original document attached to the relevant translation and the “self-certification of correctness” document. The certificate signed and stamped by the translator will ensure the entire documentation is faithful, compliant and valid in the destination country.

In the event that the documents to be presented have legal value in themselves, then it will be necessary to certify and obtain a legalized translation with apostille or a legalized translation at the embassy (for countries outside the Hague Convention). This can be accessed in the case of passport translation. And again, to obtain a residence permit or to change residence abroad, the translation of powers of attorney for immigration and emigration procedures is frequently required.

LingoYou has a very capable team of sworn translators, experts in commercial, financial and legal matters. Our pool of professionals stands out not only for its extensive linguistic mastery of more than 200 languages, but also for an accurate knowledge of the bureaucratic apparatus.

In view of the reopening of borders on an international level, we will have the opportunity – finally! – to return to travel and move abroad. If you have a job offer for Canada on standby, it’s time to pack your bags and prepare the necessary documentation for expatriation. Regulations relating to travel and transfers abroad may have been subject to post-Covid review. If you have any doubts or are looking for more information, our agency will be happy to update you on all the latest news!

By turning to LingoYou for your certified translations, you can save time, money and stress!

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