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Are you looking for practical advice on how to choose the next foreign language to study?

On LingoYou Academy, you can finally find the definitive solution to your state of indecision.

Together, we will evaluate the advantages and characteristics of the most popular foreign languages, and try to understand which ones are really worth learning about.

Before we begin, however, it is important to add something: all languages ​​are noteworthy!

What we will try to do today is understand what best suits your specific needs and requirements. We will try to understand what could bring you the most benefits in the future and help you grow personally and professionally.
We hope to help you find your way, as well as the foreign language that will allow you to express yourself better.

LingoYou Academy offers its students professional courses for 10 languages ​​(English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian).
If you decide to attend our online school, you will improve your level of knowledge of grammar and pronunciation, focusing above all on conversation.

You will learn to express yourself with confidence, relying on a team of industry professionals and expert teachers. What are you waiting for? The courses are open all year round.

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Find the foreign language that’s right for you

Below, we will look at the advantages of six different languages ​​together, revealing their main strengths.

We have selected some of the most requested languages, the most chosen courses from our entire academy. This first selection could help you speed up the decision process and immediately identify the foreign language that’s right for you. Good luck!

  • English:
    English is among the most spoken languages ​​in the world, known by the majority of the global population. For those who have not yet deepened their knowledge of English, this remains one of the most interesting choices.
    Not only is it a particularly popular language, but it is also easy to understand and extremely flexible. We recommend studying it for all young people, and for those looking for a work incentive.
  • French:
    French is among the languages ​​with the most complex grammar, but with the most fascinating pronunciation. Learning French means learning a certain type of rigor, which can also bring us advantages in Italian.
    It must also be added that in creative positions (stylist, designer, etc.) knowledge of the French language is highly required
  • Spanish:
    Spanish is a “simple” language because it is easy to memorize and assimilate. For those who dream of moving to Spain and adapting to the peaceful rhythms of the Spaniards, the choice may be more than obvious.
    In any case, Spanish is also very widespread, and is spoken in different parts of the world. Traveling could get a lot easier.
    In any case, Spanish is also very widespread, and is spoken in different parts of the world. Traveling could get a lot easier.
  • German:
    The German brings with it the same rigor as the French and more or less the same advantages. It is ideal for those aiming to become an interpreter or an import-export manager. Relations between Germany and Italy are in fact very close, and translators are increasingly in demand.
  • Japanese:
    We continue with Japanese, one of the most interesting languages ​​on a cultural level. Like most Asian languages, Japanese hides a great tradition and a unique history.
    Be careful, though! Learning Japanese takes time and concentration, don’t take it lightly!
  • Chinese:
    We conclude with Chinese, a foreign language in great demand lately. It is worth saying the same thing about Japanese, talking about a language full of history and meaning.
    Chinese could teach you the power of mental elasticity, discipline and a passion for tradition.


Now that we have looked closely at the advantages of each foreign language, you can decide for yourself which one you prefer to learn more about. We at LingoYou Academy are available to answer any questions or concerns.

Start your personal growth journey now, learn a new language with us and our experts. We are waiting for you!


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