When you work with a professional and serious translation agency, you can be sure that your texts are assigned only to experienced and qualified translators who have passed a rigorous testing and selection process.

Relying on the right translation agency is an important step for a company, because this choice can have a positive or negative impact on its business.

So how can you understand if an agency is right for you and avoid unpleasant surprises? Let’s find out together.

Why prefer a translation agency to freelancers

There is no ‘standard’ translation task: a translation requires exceptional language skills and a deep understanding of the country, culture and sector of the target language.

Preferring an agency to a freelancer is advantageous for two main reasons: firstly, you have the certainty that your text will be entrusted to a translator with specific experience in the sector of your interest; secondly, you have the guarantee that the text will be translated within the set times: agencies are used to working with large volumes of orders, having the organization and resources to do so.

How to select a translation agency

Which agency to choose depends a lot on your needs and preferences. If you need to translate a text for internal company purposes, perhaps you could turn a blind eye to accuracy and focus more on price.

If, however, the texts will be read by your customers or business partners, the choice of supplier will depend on the quality that the latter is able to offer you. After all, a poor translation could have catastrophic consequences for your company’s reputation and devalue your product or service.

How to select a professional translation agency

Recognizing a valid agency in the midst of the forest of proposals out there is a difficult task. The communication of most translation companies focuses on apparently very similar messages such as high quality translations, lower prices than the competition and fast delivery times.

So how do you select the most suitable agency for your specific case? Here are four tips for doing quick skimming:

1. Ask your network for advice and ask for references: It sounds trivial, and maybe it is, but I assure you that there is no better way to find a reliable supplier than asking around. It is likely that among your contacts someone knows, through direct or indirect experience, an excellent translation agency.

2. Find out about the criteria with which the agency selects its collaborators: There are large differences from agency to agency regarding the selection of their staff, whether internal or external. To ensure you get the quality you expect, the agency should regularly evaluate the quality of its people’s work and set entry barriers for certain levels of education, experience and skill.

3. Test customer service: To get an idea of ​​the quality of an agency’s services, test its customer service. Contact them to see how they respond to your email, or call and take note of how they interface with you: How long did it take them to respond? Did they seem enthusiastic about your request? Did they ask you about your needs?

4. Find out if the agency also offers other services: Finding an agency that can provide all the language services you need is a godsend. Working with a single supplier, establishing a relationship based on mutual professionalism and trust, simplifies and speeds up processes and allows you to obtain an increasingly satisfactory final result, as over time the agency learns to know you and respond to your specific needs in increasingly precise and punctual manner.

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