What is the “translation cost”? How much does a translation actually cost in 2022 and how to recognize a quality service.

A simple and honest question, which needs some clarification to be properly justified. It is important to try to understand what lies behind a correct translation, what are the elements that influence the processing of the translation cost.

First of all, a difference must be made between:

  • the per-page translation cost
  • the translation cost per word

These two types differ little from each other, but have different price ranges. Usually, folder translation is chosen when you have “substantial” documents, made up of pages and pages.

On the contrary, word translation is easier for those who need to translate a fairly short text. Let’s look in detail at the characteristics of these two groups and their average price, so as to be able to make an initial evaluation.

What does cost per page mean?

The “folder” is used in the world of translation – and proofreading – as a sort of unit of measurement. A folder is a document that contains approximately 1,500 characters (more or less 250 words), which has a standard length.

Translators use it to simplify sending quotes, which become more immediate and fairer. Based on the length of the text and its subdivision, the price rises or falls.

A series of secondary elements then come into play, such as the complexity of the language, the importance of the document (we will shortly talk about certified translations) and the timing requested by the client.

If you decide to test the LingoYou service, for example, you can get a quote in less than 10 minutes. Simply fill in the menu on the Home page, entering the different specifications.

The LingoYou team will take care of responding to you as quickly as possible, so that you can carefully evaluate your options.

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Standard translation cost according to the market average

But let’s go into more detail, let’s find out together what the cost of a per-page translation and a per-word tradition is.

Obviously, the figure we will report comes from a market average and is the result of research that includes different brands and translation companies.

The proposal you may receive in the future may be slightly higher or lower than what is written. Suffice it to say that we are talking about a general average.

The cost of translation per page is around 20.00 Euros. As we have seen, a folder contains approximately 250 words, and no more than 1500 characters included in the text file.

On the other hand, we have the translation cost per word. Generally speaking, this cost is around 0.08 Euros per word. An honest amount, which also reflects the price of the translation per page.

One of the most common doubts concerns the cost of Italian English translation per word, which remains among the most requested ever. You will be pleased to know that the cost remains equal to 0.08 Euros regardless of the translation language.

Certified and sworn translations

Speaking of elements that influence the cost of translation, we mentioned the presence of so-called certified translations.

This specific category of services allows you to receive a translated document with a certificate of authenticity and conformity, which confirms the professionalism of the translation company.

Certified translations are often requested by those who work in court, or by those who need additional certification. Sworn translations also belong to the same group, which are certified by the translator himself, encouraged to appear at the court to take the oath.

On LingoYou, you can find both types of translation, and you can request a quote in just a few minutes. The advice is to always rely on agencies of a certain level, who know how to assert themselves and how to respect the texts sent by customers.

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