Inaccuracies and errors in translations can have a dramatic effect when those texts are intended for the healthcare sector. Just think of the consequences that could be triggered by imperfections in the translation of a diagnosis, pharmaceutical research or a medical prescription.

Healthcare translations: when making mistakes is not an option

Between 2006 and 2007, a single-word translation error in Germany caused 47 knee replacement surgeries to fail and have to be repeated. As a result, he incurred additional costs to the hospital and, what’s worse, each of those 47 patients had to undergo a second knee surgery with great anguish and pain.

Another example is the heartbreaking story of a British woman who mistakenly had to undergo a double mastectomy, this case occurred in Spain due to a translation error, which led doctors to believe she had a family history of cancer at the breast. Currently, she is suing the hospital.

It’s true that using an automatic translator like Google Translate or asking a friend or intern to do a translation can be tempting, but taking some shortcuts when it comes to health issues can be very costly.

What type of content do translators specializing in the healthcare sector translate and what training do they have?
At LingoYou, our translators are highly trained to translate a wide variety of healthcare documentation and materials, in different formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, etc.).

Healthcare translation requires a high level of fluency in the source language, strong analytical skills and cultural knowledge in both the source and target languages. A healthcare translator is an expert in the terminology of this specific field.

LingoYou’s healthcare linguists are experts in translating a wide variety of medical documents and healthcare products, such as clinical studies, patient information leaflets, medical device instructions, research protocols, consent forms, etc.

We offer translation services in a wide variety of languages, depending on your needs. All projects are adapted to the specific requests of our clients (budgets, deadlines, etc.).

In the healthcare industry you should avoid taking unnecessary risks

Whether you are a doctor, a clinic or hospital manager, a patient services manager, or otherwise involved in pharmaceutical research or clinical trials, let LingoYou take care of managing all the healthcare translations you need.

LingoYou has a global network of expert translators who provide language services to clients around the world.

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