When we talk about English, we often take for granted that it is known almost perfectly by people. In fact, especially in Italy, it is certainly the most taught language in schools. At the same time, perhaps because we underestimate the difficulties, many English idiomatic phrases are unknown to most people.

In fact, like the more famous False Friends, there are many expressions commonly used by English speakers that few know. If you think about it, the same thing happens in the Italian language. In our country there are many curious ways of saying, which many try to translate in a hilarious way. If you are curious to know some examples of English idiomatic phrases and enrich your vocabulary, here are some!

English idiomatic phrases: 3 examples you absolutely need to know

If you’ve stayed in an English-speaking country or attended English meetings, you’ve probably heard phrases with obscure meanings. You may have asked yourself “what is he saying?”, while listening to your interlocutor with a polite smile, even though you didn’t understand anything. Some English idiomatic phrases, in fact, are little known in Italy and their translation generates many perplexities in people.

Consider, for example, the expression “Beat around the bush.” If we translate the words literally, we get “beating around the bush.” If one of your interlocutor says something similar to you, you will surely find yourself looking at him with a bit of fear. Couldn’t he have gone crazy? The answer is, of course, no. The phrase, in fact, simply means “to beat around the bush“. I mean, they’re not saying you’re taking your anger out on a poor bush, they’re just saying you’re beating around the bush about something.

Another example that often leaves people stunned is “break a leg“, which translates to “to break a leg”. If someone tells you this before an important event, don’t worry, they are absolutely not wishing you an accident! In fact, hope that you succeed in what you are about to face. The phrase, in fact, is equivalent to our “good luck” and is therefore considered a good omen.

And if they told you in a bad moment “hang in there“, how would you take it? What do they mean by “hanging there”, that I have to stand still and wait or take off my coat? Absolutely not, they are actually telling you to “hold on” in an attempt to console you.

The examples of this type are truly endless, each more hilarious than the last. As you can imagine, during an informal conversation, not knowing these English idiomatic phrases is not a tragedy. Indeed, most of the time we end up laughing together with our interlocutor after the first moments of misunderstanding. But in the workplace?

Frasi idiomatiche inglesi

Idiomatic phrases: how to break down language barriers with localization

If we move the discussion to a formal and work level, things obviously change drastically. Not knowing how to grasp the meaning of a sentence or, even worse, translating it clumsily can cause serious problems. In some serious cases, it can lead to a real cultural misunderstanding, with repercussions on an economic and image level. If, for example, the representative of a large company had to mechanically translate some English idiomatic phrases, he could lose the trust of potential partners or his customers. So what can you do to avoid problems of this type? The answer is simple, rely on professional translators capable of adequately localizing a text.

Linguistic localization, in fact, allows you to faithfully translate a text, capturing the real meaning of what is said. Those who deal with language localization know both languages ​​and cultures involved perfectly. This way, he always knows what a text refers to and how he can adequately explain it to the recipients of the translation.

If you need professional help and a translator who can grasp all the English idiomatic phrases, LingoYou is here to help you. With our many years of experience and the support of fantastic native speaker interpreters, we will always know how to locate your documents perfectly. Contact us for a free consultation and forget about gaffes with your English-speaking friends or associates.

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