Distance learning has made great strides, detaching itself from – and in some respects surpassing – the traditional concept of classroom training. The English courses for companies offered by language service providers such as LingoYou Academy are designed in a targeted way, to maximize learning efficiency, through the provision of training plans and individual objectives.

This type of training can be customized to meet the specific needs of the company and employees, and can include methods such as project-based learning or one-on-one mentoring. The goal is to provide employees with the language skills necessary to carry out their work effectively and improve their communication skills with foreign colleagues and customers.

Individual English courses for companies

Individual business English courses offer several advantages over group courses or self-directed learning programs. Here are some:

Tailored to company-specific needs: Individual English courses are designed around company-specific needs, such as business terminology or industry English.

Flexible scheduling: Individual courses can be planned according to students’ needs, so they can be organized around their work and personal commitments. This aspect is crucial for employees, who must reconcile study with managing work and private life.

Dedicated teacher: Students will have a dedicated teacher who can tailor learning to their needs and level of English.

Increase learning effectiveness: Personalized learning can help students improve their English more quickly and achieve their goals.

Greater autonomy: One-to-one courses can help students become more independent in learning the English language and increase their self-confidence in using the language.

English courses for companies: when should group courses be preferred over individual ones?

It is not always possible to allow your employees to attend individual English courses, either for logistical reasons and company needs, or for budgetary reasons. That said, group lessons should not be seen as a fallback, a second-class choice, compared to individual ones, but rather they can sometimes be the happiest solution.

Group lessons can create a learning environment where students can practice English with each other and improve their communication and listening skills, inspiring and motivating each other. Learning or improving language skills as adults are not easy tasks, in fact, but they require great motivation which is often difficult to achieve on your own, when you attend an individual one-on-one course with a teacher. When in groups, students can learn from the experiences and expertise of other students, enriching their own understanding and participating in more lively interaction.

Furthermore, companies certainly cannot underestimate the economic factor linked to the training needs of employees, especially if their number is considerable. This is where group lessons come to their aid, allowing them to keep the training budget under control.

LingoYou Academy language courses for companies: structure and organization

LingoYou Academy’s corporate language courses aim to unlock the international potential of your company. Train your employees, choosing between three delivery methods based on your time and budget needs: individual, semi-individual and group lessons.

The Academy courses are an important opportunity to improve your employees’ language skills, which will translate into increased performance and business success. With us you can access a wide choice of teachers, selected among talented professionals from different backgrounds, who can be chosen based on the characteristics of your specific business sector.

With a personalized and tailored learning model, you will optimize your investment in human resources. You will be able to easily plan lessons based on the work needs of your employees, thanks to the immediate or advance booking system via mobile devices or computers, always available 24 hours a day.

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