The CTA is the element that should convert the reader of a website page into a customer or prospect. If the CTA is weak, the site is penalized. CTAs cannot simply be translated, an equivalent must be found in terms of meaning, but also force, in the language in which they are being localized.

What is a call to action

We often hear about call to action, also known as call to action or CTA. This is the way to attract the attention of the person who is reading a text. This type of message is used to trick the user into performing a certain type of action by clicking a certain button. There are numerous purposes, styles, shapes and formats to incorporate them into our website.

Calls to action are found on web pages, blog posts, social networks, landing pages or online stores. In each of these pages you can have a completely different format. Since the goal to be achieved will be totally different.

They usually have a box-like format that is particularly interesting to click.

Furthermore, it is convenient for these buttons to stand out from the rest of the page, for example by assigning them a color that contrasts with the background and a message that encourages clicking on them.


What makes an effective call to action?

Here are some of the main features that every well-made CTA should have:

Simplicity: Some companies make very simple CTAs. Since what they are looking for is a clear answer and the users themselves don’t need much more. This is the case of the classic “Buy”, “View”, “Log in” or “Register”.

Urgency: We’re used to seeing calls to action that push us to buy pretty quickly. For example, those that indicate that there are few units left. That offer is about to expire. Whether it’s the last chance we have to acquire a product or it ends today. That’s not always true, but they manage to create that sense of urgency in consumers.

Usability. “Find out how…”, “we tell you how…” are messages we often find. Especially on more educational websites or blogs. If you are interested in this, you will subscribe to know more news, tips or advice.

These are just some of the many types of calls to action that we can find every day while browsing social networks, web pages, reading blogs or newsletters.

Why it is so important to translate a CTA well

When you localize a website, CTAs should be translated adhering to all the above-mentioned guidelines. In short, there are a lot of aspects to consider and propose in another language, which is why this phase should be addressed by relying on professional multilingual marketing services. If this step is neglected or treated superficially, the real risk is to nullify all the resources and efforts made to optimize and translate a site from one language to another and to weaken the conversion power of your proprietary channels.

Why should you hire specialized marketing translation services?

In an increasingly globalized world, companies must innovate, produce and publish content to attract the attention of new customers. Internationalization and a prominent presence in new markets constitute a competitive advantage. This is why the commitment to offering multilingual content of all types must be more decisive than ever.

Of course, traditional marketing still works, but digital marketing is the lever of the present and the future. New technologies and communication channels have transformed the way in which companies communicate with their customers: the advertising message continues to adapt to its objective and reaches more and more users in less time. For this reason, getting a quality marketing translation is crucial for any business.

Using a professional translation service is a wise decision, as this service consists of analyzing the original message and conveying the intent and tone of voice to the audience in the target market. Therefore, the professional translator always serves as a link between cultures.

Structure the contents paying attention to SEO positioning

On the other hand, we must also take into account the large amount of information that is shared on the Internet and what our reading habits are: many users normally limit themselves to reading quickly and superficially, concentrating above all on the titles and subtitles of each web page . This reality must be taken into consideration when publishing: we must create well-structured and precise content that meets the requirements for good search engine rankings. To do this, we need to apply SEO translation criteria.

Write engaging copy for Google Ads campaigns

In addition to the organic positioning of content, there is paid positioning, the most obvious example of which is Google Ads. The ultimate goal of PPC (pay per click) campaigns is for users to click on the ad. Therefore, it is important to convey the message in a few words and not go around the main concept. For example, if we have the message “Free tickets to the Egyptian Museum”, it is correct to translate it as “Free tickets to the Egyptian Museum”, but “Visit the Egyptian Museum for free” is a better option because the verb “visit” acts as call to action. For more information, see Translating Google Ads campaigns.

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