We always talk about the importance of learning a foreign language for those who want to go to work abroad, but Italy is home to companies of all sizes that daily enter the global market and communicate with potential clients, customers or suppliers, and are looking for professional figures who can carry out their duties both by speaking and writing for the Italian market and for a foreign market.

LingoYou language courses have the specific objective of bridging the training gap in the linguistic skills most requested by an increasingly globalized and interconnected job market. Among the most useful languages ​​at a business level, in addition to English – now practically taken for granted – Spanish and Portuguese are the most popular.

LingoYou’s English courses

English, as we know, is the most spoken language internationally in the business world. LingoYou’s English courses open the doors to a huge market. If you move in an environment related to economics and business, LingoYou gives you the opportunity to strengthen your English, without moving from where you are and with the advice of a tutor highly qualified in language teaching.

Advantages of the English course:

  • Adaptable to the time and needs of the student.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, among others).
  • Variety of activities, including video, audio and animations.
  • Permanent support academic tutors.
  • Content aligned with international standards.
  • Regular monitoring of progress.

LingoYou Spanish and Portuguese courses

The online language courses in Spanish and Portuguese offered by LingoYou are designed for entrepreneurs or managers who want to offer their collaborators or employees the best and most flexible language training possible, but they are also an excellent solution for those looking for work and wants to apply for important corporate entities having all the credentials to do so.

Our courses reflect the corporate reality and present current news, facilitating the student’s use of the language in professional contexts such as meetings, presentations, negotiations, etc.

Students can take individual, semi-individual or group Spanish and Portuguese lessons wherever and whenever they want. Our teachers adapt to your needs, whether to review the last exercise performed, prepare a meeting or practice a presentation with student documentation.

Our classes and training methods encourage:

  • Oral fluency
  • Linguistic agility
  • pronounces it
  • Confidence

Our language training tools aim to learn Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary in a professional environment through industry-related content.

Our vocabulary resources include:

  • Most used words
  • Business vocabulary
  • Industry-specific terminology

LingoYou Academy, language courses for companies

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