In our recent article we analyzed how important it is to obtain quality specialist translations for each sector. Today, however, we want to delve further into the topic, focusing on medical translations and clinical studies.

From marketing to industry, as we have seen, it is essential to be supported by a professional specialized in our niche. In fact, only those who “know” the concepts of our sector are able to perfectly locate the documents we want to translate. How should we behave, therefore, in the case of clinical studies, tests and experiments?

Clinical studies: the importance of localization

First, let’s briefly explain what we mean by clinical trials. When we talk about clinical studies we are referring to medical research aimed at identifying new treatments for pathologies. Usually experimental drugs are administered to a group of volunteers or new medical techniques are used to verify whether they are beneficial for humans. During studies, clinical tests are carried out on the effectiveness and safety of a treatment. It is therefore a test of the feasibility of administering a treatment, according to a precise and well-regulated procedure. As you will understand, these are highly dangerous practices, for which it is necessary to act with extreme caution.

Clinical trials, involving the entire world population, are often carried out in multiple countries. Hundreds of multilingual medical documents are therefore drawn up, which require professional translation to be disseminated globally. From information brochures for study participants to authorizations from local health authorities, each text must be carefully localized. This is because every phase of the experimentation must be clear to all the people involved. We are not just talking about the patients, but also about the sponsors who finance the research and the participating scientists from different countries.

Each text must therefore be perfectly translated and accurately localized, so that it is understandable to everyone. For patients, for example, the translated content must be precise, but not complicated. Scientists or the exam board, on the other hand, prefer a document that uses technical and legal language. Finally, it may be useful for a sponsor to carry out a persuasive translation. Each document must not only be translated from one language to another, but also adapted to the reader for whom it is intended. Therefore, the translator must carry out a specific localization of the text specifically for the sector in question.

Studi clinici

LingoYou: the agency specializing in medical translations

Translating and adapting a clinical study, as you will have understood, is a serious and not at all trivial operation. For this reason, it is necessary to identify the translator specialized in medical translations and clinical studies. This person will have to know the medical sector perfectly, the culture of the recipient of the translation and know how to “speak” to them effectively. Given the difficulty of the work and the absolute need for an impeccable result, it is not easy to find a professional with these characteristics.

Thanks to LingoYou, however, you will no longer have to worry about all this. Our fantastic team of native translators, in fact, includes professionals from the medical sector. Thanks to their experience in clinical trial localization, they will be able to convert your documentation flawlessly. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free quote, in a few minutes we will find the best solution for you. Together, we assure you, we will reach new and important goals!

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