Translation is a complex process. A single word can have multiple meanings and nuances and it is not always possible to find an equivalent in the target language. This means that when choosing a translation agency, you need to pay close attention to the quality of the services you require.

There are many things that can go wrong when working with an agency, and not all of them have to do with losing money or terrible translations. If you are looking for a reliable partner to manage your translation projects, read on to discover the five things a company should consider when looking for a professional translation service provider.

Specialized translators

Whatever your industry sector, specialization or skill requirements, it is important to choose a translation agency that has specific expertise in your industry. If you’re unsure about an agency’s expertise in your niche, ask them to provide case studies of work they’ve done with other clients in your area of expertise, and also make sure they cover projects in the languages that are most relevant to you.

Dedicated account manager

For your translation projects you should always be able to count on a highly qualified account manager who is totally dedicated to your cause. An account manager is a figure who is responsible for managing and supervising project workflows. It should be bilingual, because it is generally the point of contact, the intermediary, between agencies and the client. In addition to linguistic skills, this professional must be able to organize the project and manage teams. A professional language service provider will always assign you an experienced account manager as a point of contact, who you can turn to if you have any questions or problems.

Control and monitoring of the quality of translators

An agency’s approach to testing translators should be part of its quality management system. ISO9001 and ISO17100 certifications provide evidence to support the company’s claims. However, guidelines or requirements in selecting translators may vary. As a general rule, make sure the agency is working with:

1. Native translators of the target language.

2. Translators with the appropriate background and experience related to the topic of your interest.

3. Translators with a minimum of five years of experience in translating the target language and subject matter

Dynamic after-sales service

24-hour service is critical in a global landscape where changing time zones can negatively impact key communications on a project. For example, there is a 12 hour difference between New York and Hong Kong. If a client emails a project manager in China at the end of the business day to request changes to a project, she will not receive a response until late evening of the next business day. This can cost the client an entire day of translation. Working with an agency with production offices around the world ensures that you can make changes to your project at any time of the day and optimizes your company’s most precious resource: time.

Experience with glossaries

Each industry has its own unique set of jargon or terminology. For companies that operate globally, it is often necessary to create glossaries for key languages to ensure consistency. Working with an agency that has proven experience in creating and managing glossaries is extremely important because it shows a willingness to provide high-quality translations and value to the client. If you’re looking for a provider to create and manage your glossaries, request an explanation of their processes and ask for references from customers who use the service.

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