The global translation sector is continuously growing and is estimated to reach 40 billion dollars by 2027. In Italy, the translation market is following this trend and is becoming increasingly important for those companies that want to expand on a global level. international or who have commercial relations with foreign partners.

Translation, therefore, plays a key role in corporate communication and expansion into foreign markets. In 2022, Italian companies have requested translations of various types to support their growth on an international scale. In this article, we will examine the types of translation most requested by Italian companies over the past year, including technical, commercial, certified and marketing translations. The order is not random, but reflects the volume of requests received by LingoYou during 2022. Let’s get started immediately. Here are the types of translation most requested by Italian companies in 2022.

Translation of business documents

Italian companies require precise and reliable translations of their business documents to ensure correct communication with international partners and to comply with regulatory requirements. These documents can include contracts, financial reports, internal policies, presentations and more.

To meet these needs, companies often turn to professional translation services, which offer accurate and reliable translations produced by qualified translators and industry experts. This is an important investment for all those companies that want to guarantee the quality and consistency of their translations and protect their reputation internationally.

Translation of company websites

A website is often the first impression a company leaves on its international customers and partners. Italian companies require professional, well-written translations of their websites to ensure their message reaches international audiences correctly. The professional translation market in Italy is continually growing, with an estimated value of over 1 billion euros per year.

Website translation represents the majority portion of this sector, as it allows Italian companies to reach their international customers and partners effectively. Quality website translation, in addition to giving a positive first impression of the company to potential customers and communicating the company message clearly and precisely, also helps to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, thus increasing business opportunities across the board. international.

Certified translations

Certified translations are official and legally recognized translations, carried out by authorized professional translators. These translations are used in formal situations, such as for official documents, contracts or legal documents.

A certified translation is generally accompanied by a declaration from the translator attesting to the accuracy and fidelity of the translation compared to the original text. In many countries, they are required for the use of foreign documents in judicial or administrative settings.

To ensure that a translation is considered certified, it is important that it is carried out by a licensed professional translator and that he or she is able to provide an official declaration regarding the quality and accuracy of the translation. Certified translations are an indispensable requirement for the legal validity of official and legal documents in many situations, and guarantee that the translation is precise and faithful to the original text.

Translation of marketing content

Italian companies have a strong need to translate marketing content such as brochures, marketing emails, advertisements and more, to reach and engage their international customers and partners. The quality of the translation of these materials is crucial to ensuring that the corporate message is engaging and consistent with the overall marketing strategy.

The translation of marketing content has become increasingly important following the globalization of markets and the growing need for companies to communicate effectively with their customers and partners around the world. Furthermore, with the growing importance of digital channels for promoting and selling products and services, companies must be able to provide engaging, consistent and relevant content in many different languages to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the global market.

Translation of technical manuals

Technical manuals are used by companies to provide detailed instructions and information on products and services to international customers and partners. Companies require accurate and reliable translations of these manuals to ensure that their customers are able to correctly use their products and services.

The translation of technical manuals directly affects companies’ turnover because a well-translated technical manual can increase customers’ understanding of the product, improve the user experience and increase the possibility of selling the product internationally. Conversely, an incorrect or inaccurate translation can cause confusion and frustration for customers, which can lead to reduced sales and a bad reputation for the company.

LingoYou’s professional translations

Translation is a key factor in globalization and international communication. Companies looking to expand into new markets need to be confident that their communication is accurate and consistent with the culture and language of their target audience. This is why relying on a translation company with adequate experience and skills is so important.

LingoYou selects only the best translators and ensures that they carry out their work with precision and professionalism. The result is high-quality translations that help your business reach your target audience effectively.

To ensure that your business communication is precise and consistent with the culture and language of the market you wish to expand into, try LingoYou’s certified translation service. Trust a company that has made quality and precision its strong points. Contact us today for a quote and find out how LingoYou can help you achieve international success.

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