The opening of the 2023 holiday season will, as usually happens, have its first taste during the Easter weekend. Italy has been the undisputed queen of world tourism for years but the offer of low cost airlines has facilitated access to many other countries, even small ones, where English is often spoken as a second language by almost the entire population. The experience of tourists can make the difference in terms of popularity and propensity to return. The ease with which one can make oneself understood is one of the factors that most influences the perception of the quality of a holiday, from the simplicity of booking a taxi by telephone to the possibility of communicating with hotel facilities.

The importance of English in tourism

Learning English has become a necessity for both career and global communication. Knowledge of English is often a requirement for many high-profile jobs and for studying at many universities.

In the tourism sector, English is crucial to ensure effective communication. If you are an industry professional, you will need to be able to assist travelers who in all likelihood may not speak your native language. Since English is a universal language spoken by millions of people, it will be very useful for communicating in different situations, including:

Tourist reception: foreign tourists can request information and assistance in English.

Tour guide: Tour guides can conduct sightseeing tours in English to welcome foreign tourists.

Advertising and marketing: Marketing and advertising of tourist destinations are often done in English to attract foreign tourists.

Communication with tourism service providers: Tour company representatives can communicate with tourism service providers in English.

Tourism Conventions and Trade Shows: English is often the official language for communications and presentations at tourism conventions and trade shows.

When you work in the tourism industry, you will often have to communicate with native people who speak English as their primary language, so it is important that you know how to express yourself correctly and understand their needs. Furthermore, you may encounter travelers from other parts of the world whose second language is English, therefore, it is important that you are able to explain industry-specific terms in a simple and understandable way even to those who do not have a high level of linguistic proficiency.

The perception of the quality of a holiday also depends on the ease of communication

The tourism sector is one of the most important in the world, with millions of people traveling every year to discover new destinations and enjoy unforgettable experiences. One of the keys to the success of a tourist destination is the ability to offer a positive experience to visitors, which can significantly influence the popularity of the place and the propensity of the tourist to return.

Ease of communication is a crucial factor in ensuring a positive experience for tourists. Knowing how to speak and understand English, the universal language of tourism, makes it easier to book a taxi or communicate with hotel facilities, and this can make the difference in the perception of the quality of a holiday.

According to a recent survey conducted by the World Tourism Organization, 70% of international tourists speak English and prefer to communicate in this language during their holidays. Additionally, a study by the Global Language Monitor ranked English as the most influential language in the world, with over 2 billion people speaking it as a second language.

Promote tourism in Italy with LingoYou Academy’s language courses for companies

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with a unique cultural and artistic heritage and delicious cuisine. However, to maximize our country’s attractiveness to international tourists, it is important to ensure that visitors can communicate easily with locals. That’s where LingoYou Academy comes in.

LingoYou Academy’s language courses for companies offer a solution to promote tourism in Italy. Our courses are designed to help companies increase competitiveness in the tourism sector by improving the language skills of industry professionals and their skills in welcoming and serving international tourists.

LingoYou Academy offers English courses and Spanish courses for the tourism and restaurant industry, which can help employees improve their language skills and increase their competitiveness in the market. Our courses are also personalized and flexible, so as to meet the needs of companies. Our highly qualified teachers are experts in teaching English for the tourism sector, offering practical and effective training.

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