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The client

Born in August 2017 from the merger of two companies with over 60 years of history behind them, Alfasigma is an Italian multinational pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Bologna and branches in 17 countries around the world, including China, Russia and the United States of America. With over 55 products in 9 therapeutic areas, Alfasigma is among the main players in the Italian pharmaceutical industry, with a portfolio that ranges from prescription specialties to self-medication products, up to nutraceuticals. In 2021 it reached over 1 billion euros in turnover and currently has around 3,000 employees worldwide, spread across more than 70 countries.

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The challenge

For over a year, we have been collaborating with Alfasigma, a client who has a clear mission: to dominate in the primary care area and market renowned self-medication products. Their product description requires excellence, deep industry knowledge and fast delivery times. Faced with these daily challenges, we at LingoYou respond with constant commitment and a team of dedicated professionals.


After clarifying Alfasigma’s needs and objectives, LingoYou promptly presented a group of native translators with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector, specialized in Italian, English, German and Polish. Thanks to our network of over 20,000 professional translators, we have always guaranteed a high-quality service capable of satisfying every request.

For Alfasigma, we take care of the translation of the information leaflets and the essential contents for the marketing and dissemination of the products at an international level.








“We had the pleasure of using the translation services of LingoYou and we were extremely satisfied. Their speed of execution was surprising; we received the translated texts in record time without ever having to compromise on the quality of the translation.”

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